We at NorCal Manufacturing are devoted to giving our customers  the highest quality products at a reasonable price.  We understand the  concept of supply & demand, and the requirement to be first or  nothing.  Our constant goal is to supply our customers with a fast  turnaround of quality workmanship.  We feel that is the key for the  success of our customers.  This in turn guarantees the continued success  of our company as well.

  We would like the chance to service  your general machining needs.  We are equipped with 2 axis Prototraks  for small batch, and prototype jobs.  Also 3 axis c.n.c. machining  centers for production jobs.

  Feel free to call, fax , email  any questions, comments, or requirements to us anytime.  Please allow us  to impress you with what we do best.

Michael Reggiardo
NorCal Manufacturing